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Merengue is a form of music and dance that is hugely popular in latin america and several of the united states major cities. Merengue emerged in the dominican republic during the mid 19th century as the countrys national music but it would later go on to become very popular in the united states in cities such as new york by the 1930s. Stylistically it is characterised by its fast paced arrangement and 2-4 beat with the instrumentation traditionally including a diatonic accordion, a two-sided tambora drum and the guira percussion instrument. More contemporary instrumental changes now include the additional use of the bass guitar, keyboards, saxaphone and other percussive instruments such as congas and timbales.

Although the etymology of the name can be disputed there are only a few theories about where the word might have derived from. The origins of the music are traced to the land of Cibao and Merengue Cibaeño and Merengue Típico are the terms by which most musicians prefer to refer to Classical Merengue. The word Cibao was a native name for the island, although the Spanish used it in their conquest to refer to a specific part of the island, namely the highest mountainous range. Literally speaking the term Merengue Cibaeño is therefore partially native and so Merengue might also be a derivation or mistranslation of a native word related to song, music, dance or festival. Another theory includes Western African words related to dance and music based on the fact that Merengue has African elements in it.

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