UZIC was launched in 2001 by 3 fools of music as an electronic radio show on Swiss student radio fréquence banane. Since then, it has become one of the most famous techno-minimal radios on the web, with more than 200’000 monthly listeners worldwide and a consistent penetration in Europe, continental Asia and the Americas.

Our goal? Let you move and feel happy with the techno music you are listening. DJ’s on UZIC are artists – no stars – even already well known.

Special thankx to all listeners & artists who followed us throughout the years… we won’t forget all members of the UZIC crew who helped us develop the most alternative techno webradio worldwide: ben, gemini, marco, syde, phaze, zsolt, raphael & celine.

You want to send us your music? great, just click on submit music, fill-in the form and send it to us. do not send us a link per mail, as we won’t find it in our data base for evaluation.

You need a tracklisting? check out the playlist section where you will find all tracks and/or mixes broadcasted on UZIC radio. and have a better look at the artist page of the dj you like, you may find further information/music.

You want to learn more about UZIC radio? subscribe to our newsletter, especially if you are a dj: we publish all informations related to deadlines, next shows or events, dj competition, etc.

You wish to support UZIC, the pooorest radio worldwide? as an association with little support, most of the invests are made by passionates. are you one of them? click on donations

You feel old school and wish to get our rss feed? you’ve found the right place, just click on the podcast link

Comments or questions about the music stream you are listening to? drop us a mail on please don’t be offended if we do not answer to requests not related to the radio stream, as many questions are flowing every day.


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