Radionomy: Urgent Warning Upgrade NOW!

Radionomy may have yet to act on last year’s threat of de-listing SHOUTcast DNAS version 1.x broadcasters from their YP2 directory following stark warnings. However they recently sent another rather stern upgrade notice aimed at members of their revenue generation program, encouraging them to upgrade as well. URGENT: Upgrade DNAS… Read more »

Radionomy warns DNAS versions 1.9.8 and below will soon be delisted from their Directory

A message has appeared on Radionomy’s Shoutcast directory of internet radio stations warning that broadcasters should upgrade to the latest version of their software as soon as possible or face de-listing oblivion. Historically broadcasters have been reluctant to upgrade from the company’s D.N.A.S release family 1.x to 2.x for a… Read more »

Radionomy launch radio apps and new partnerships

Seemingly keen to capitalise on the recent demise of rival market leading radio hosting platform Live365 and other rival Rdio. Radionomy have just launched a pair internet radio apps for iOS and Android. Distribution aggreements with streaming device Roku and Samsung were also made public. Radionomy hosted stations will also… Read more »

Radionomy is being sued for piracy and facilitating copyright infringement

Online radio hosting platform Radionomy is being sued in the United States for copyright infringement and facilitating the piracy of it’s services’ users. Radionomy the well known online internet radio hosting platform also owns Winamp and Shoutcast which it acquired not long ago from AOL in 2014 in a suprise… Read more »