Live365 is coming back

Following the closure of 17 year old internet radio hosting service Live365 after the United States Copyright Royalty Boards (CRB) imposed a change in fee structure away from annual percentage revenues and a significant rates hike of internet music streaming royalties in December 2015. A devastating blow which signaled the… Read more »

Live365 is no more!

Following on from recent events 17 year old internet radio hosting service Live365 shut it’s doors for good a couple of days ago with the following message posted on it’s front page. Seventeen sweet years ago, it was something of a revolution to let anyone launch their own station. Anyone… Read more »

The copyright royalty board have killed our business say Live365

Reports doing the rounds today confirm that Live365 have now sent all their service subscribers an email announcing the closure of their service at the end of the month making their earlier warnings official. The CRB ruling handed down in December, 2015 did NOT renew or address the expiration of… Read more »

Digitally Imported nukes free service from high orbit

In similar news to the recent announcement of redundancies and a possible complete shutdown of Reports are coming in from users that Digitally Imported have announced the closure of their free service which makes their music available to listeners for no cost at a lower bit rate than paying… Read more »

Internet radio stalward Live365 makes redundancies and plans for shut down

In December 2015 broadcasting service provider Live365 sent the following letter to it’s subscribers announcing that it was making redundancies and likely to close it doors in the new year. —- Dear Live365 Listener, For 17 years, Live365 has offered small webcasters the opportunity to stream music and talk programming,… Read more »

Things to know about the Copyright Royalty Board’s ruling of December 2015

Things to know about the December 2015 ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) on a new pricing structure for content licensing in the United States include. 1. Fee under the new structure will be collected by the SoundExchange. Royalty fees are distributed by the SoundExchange as follows. a. The… Read more »

Has the Unites States Copyright Royalty Board killed internet radio?

In very sad news for internet radio broadcasters everywhere December 2015 saw the Copyright Royalty Board, a body of the United States government which deliberates on licensing fees for internet radio stations, approve very significant increases in and a steepening of their fee structures. This new ruling has been seen… Read more »