itunes radio

A guide to the iTunes Radio directory

0.0 00 The iTunes radio directory is a handy client for browsing internet radio stations. The browser itself is built into the iTunes software client and can be accessed through means of the highlighted radio tower icon visible in the picture below. Within the directory all the available radio stations… Read more »

Apple puts an end to free music service iTunes Radio

0.0 00 iTunes Radio announced this week that’s it’s advertising revenue supported internet radio service would no longer be available as of the end of January 2016. The service was originally launched in 2013 and was available initially only in Australia and the United States. According to reports the news… Read more »

A guide to the biggest and best internet radio directories

4.3 24 It can be a challenge promoting a new internet radio station in today’s market space crowded with tens of thousands of stations. So this article will focus specifically on the goal of getting your station listed in all the major radio directories. These are the directories with the… Read more »