SHOUTcast are offering free HTML5 radio player pages to broadcasters now

ShoutCast recently started offering a free HTML5 radio player to broadcasters in an effort to make it even easier for them to make their streams accessible to listeners using web browers. The offer is available to so called Revenue Partners and all other broadcasters. The announcement goes as follows… Free… Read more »

How to upgrade to ShoutCast version 2

Given it’s age, lack of support and Radionomy’s recent warning to broadcasters about their plans to de-list ShoutCast D.N.A.S versions 1.9.8 and below from their directory of internet radio stations. The following is a straight forward guide to upgrading to version 2.x from Shoutcast 1.9.8. How to upgrade ShoutCast from… Read more »

Important Changes to Genre Listings on SHOUTcast

The following change notification message was posted on the SHOUTcast forum at today. Clearly quite a big change is being implemented here. One which appears to be driven by the need to make using the directory easier for end users. Dear SHOUTcast Broadcasters,   In an effort to better… Read more »