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Listeners want control, sound quality and in-car functionality

A newly published study by Music Watch into what streaming audio consumers want in 2016 has listed control, sound quality and in-car functionality as their respondents top priorities coming in at 39%, 11% and 11% respectively. The survey in question was specifically aimed at current users of free streaming audio… Read more »

Apple CarPlay: More than 100 models to choose from

Apple has made a complete list available of 100 cars which now come with their in-car phone use service pre-installed. CarPlay allows access to a wide array of third party applications many of which center around music and radio of course including iHeartRadio, Spotify and Pandora which the driver controls… Read more »

Pandora and SoundCloud raise new funds in 2016

Pandora’s music streaming service looked set for change at the start of 2016 as it aims to raise cash and make a bid for struggling rival Rdio for 75 million dollars. With claimed assets of 180 million dollars in the bank, Pandora is hoping to raise another 300 million thanks… Read more »

Huge growth in streaming media consumption recorded in 2015

Figures published earlier this month by Nielsen Music and commented on by music industry pundits Billboard show the volume of streamed media being accessed in the United States doubled in 2015. With the total number of individual songs streamed increasing from 164.5 billion the year before to 317.2 billion last… Read more »

Apple rumored to be working on a new high resolution music format

Japanese blog Macotakra is making noises such that Apple may well be working on a new high resolution music format which it plans to release in the none too distant future. The blog post in question refers to “several insiders familiar with Apple saying the company has been developing high… Read more »

Choosing an MP3 bit rate for internet radio

Having settled on MP3 as a format for your internet radio station you’ll need to choose a bit rate to broadcast at. The term bit rate refers to the number of individual bits of information used to model the information stored in a file, with MP3 bit rates represented in… Read more »