Smooth Jams Radio plays nothing but the best music on the internet. they play r&b, jazz, blues, slow jams, gospel, neo-soul and caribean music from the jams of yesterday and the jams of today! really there is no other place to find the jams we all want to here and miss that the conventional fm stations cannot play, thus smooth jams radio is the source to hear music without alot of talk! Smooth Jams Radio is on 24/7 and has a website too: so you can find this wonderful place to find all the jams, and if you have any suggestions you can reach the dj’s via email. Now you can download our mobile app for your smartphone, iphone, tablets and ipad for “Android (Google Play)powered devices and for Apple/Mac devices, For Free! Now you can take smooth jams radio with you on the go, just about anywhere you take your mobile devices you can tune in to smooth jams radio. We have alot of information and a shout room to communicate with the our listeners which is pretty cool! smooth jams radio has been broadcasting for 3 years and our listenership is growing every single day with listeners from all the world wide web.

We are the internets home for all the jams!

Smooth Jams Radio

Smooth Jams Radio

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