Free, non commercial, no profit internet radio from Italy. Radiocicletta (also RadioCicletta, or radioCicletta, or Radio Cicletta) is the name we have chosen for a grueling hour of brainstorming to baptize our project. The idea is simple: we want to create a radio. Among us there are those who have this dream for years, who once have already experienced the thrill of live, and who does not know anything but just think it’s something extremely cool. However it all started when some of us, looking for something decent to listen to the ether, got sick of always feeling pouring out the usual stuff and said “enough, there is not one that I like, let the radio” and someone else, drinking his coffee, he simply replied “OK.” Us guys who came together at the University of Pisa. In truth we are no longer “boys”, as they now hang out here for a while ‘. Let’s say, however briefly, we are still in the prime of our twenty years. We are engineers, scientists, there is also some pharmacist and geeks met by chance. We are all hobbyists, we have few skills about how a deal of this magnitude is managed. On the other hand we have a lot of ideas and resources, and all the fantasy we need to realize our project.

Radio Cicletta

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