Welcome to SonyMix Eclectica Radio broadcasting music over the internet 24/7 from Rio de Janaeiro, Brasil.

When the Sun and the Moon met for the first time, fell in love madly and from there began to live a great love. It turns out that the world did not exist and the day God decided to create it, then gave them the finishing touch … brightness! It was also decided that the Sun would brighten the day and the Moon illuminate the night, so, would be forced to live separately. descended upon them a great sadness when learned that never meet. The LUA was becoming increasingly bitter, even with the brightness that God had given him, she became lonely . The SOL in turn had won a title of nobility “ASTRO KING”, but that also did not happy God then called them and told them: You should not be sad, both now possess their own brilliance. You LUA, enlighten the hot and cold nights, will delight the lovers and will be several times why poetry…

SonyMix Eclectica Radio

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