Welcome to Nature Sounds Radio. We broadcast relaxing nature sounds, smooth music and soothing soundscapes 24/7, so you can tune in, sit back and chill-out at any time.

Why listen to us? Nature Sounds Radio can help you to achieve the peace and tranquillity you crave.

Our soothing nature sounds can:

Help you to relax
Distract you from unwanted noise
Aid concentration
Help you to sleep
Help you to meditate

New track added to our playlist

There has been a lot of news stories this year about our near celestial neighbour Mars. Scientists think it was once much like the Earth, with oceans and lakes and maybe even some form of life. Intriguing isn’t it that life could exist elsewhere.

Our featured artist Menios Symeon has turned his attention to the red planet with his latest track ‘Myriam Arrives on Mars’. It is a superb piece of work full of atmosphere and sweeping alien tones. Listen out for it on our playlist.

Nature Sounds Radio

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