Level-1 Radio
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Welcome to Level 1 Radio powering the UK dance scene with daily free live radio streams. Exposing unsigned artists to the masses with the Tribal Editing Department radio show. The Tribal editing dept (T.E.D) has been set up to give “you” the out-side world a glimpse of some of the very best up-front, front-line, artists on the scene. On the last Saturday of the month, T.E.D will go out live and direct to your p.c’s with a fresh glimpse of things to come. Most of the artists are un-signed, and some have there stuff. Going out regular on the dance circuit (but we get them first!!) All the artists give there productions to us and we give it to you. So Nuff-respect to all the artists for making T.E.D possible.

Level-1 Radio

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