KVKVI.COM features the radio version of MusicMike’s “Flashback Favorites”…. a popular YouTube music destination. KVKVI plays the “Greatest Hits And The Songs You Missed” from 6 decades. The best Pop, Rock and Soul. Not just the big hits, but songs that didn’t make the Top 40 or barely made the American “Hot 100” chart. Everyday is Throwback day on KVKVI.COM. As a former radio station DJ, Music Director and General Manager…..I’ve been collecting records, CD’s and audio files for many years. With so many different songs in my collection, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the songs that I think should have been hits….but were not. Or, maybe the song did well at the time, but rarely gets played today. It’s possible that some of these may have been hits in countries other than the United States. Generally, the songs did not go very far on the American “Hot 100” Chart published by Billboard Magazine…..or, they may not have charted at all. These are the kind of songs that sound great but for some reason, did not get the promotion they needed or maybe they just didn’t sound right for the time. I also like to feature rare and hard to find stereo versions of songs that we typically heard only in mono for all these years.

The internet radio version of “Flashback Favorites” features Pop, Rock & Soul music from all around the world…..not just the United States. So, you may hear a song that you don’t recognize, but it very well may have been a hit in Canada, the UK, the Philippines, New Zealand. Australia or South America (as an example). “Flashback Favorites Radio” combines the non-hits……with the hits….from yesterday, 2K and today. 6 decades of the best music. The greatest hits….and the songs you missed…….worldwide on KVKVI Radio.

KVKVI - MusicMike's Flashback Favorites

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