Glitch Hop Radio Stations

Glitch hop fuses the tempo and breakbeats of hip hop, the futuristic sound design of genres such as contemporary drum and bass and dubstep whilst also incorporating the glitched elements of idm. Glitch hop is a subgenre of glitch that fuses hip hop elements. While it does not necessarily include rap, it fuses funky hip hop beats with glitchy effects and techniques such as beat repeaters, sweeps cutting, skipping, repeating, chopping and bit crush reduction. The genre took shape around the year 1997 from the early works of Push Button Objects on Chocolate Industries, and grew in popularity around 2001. While it was initially based on fusing the lo-fi aesthetics of early hip hop and glitch, it has increasingly taken influence from the maximalist, bass-focused sound of dubstep and the drum and bass subgenre neurofunk with whose neurohop variant it shares many similarities. With glitch hop’s adoption among EDM DJs, many of its producers have instituted a common tempo of 110 BPM. Popular artists of the genre include David Tipper, The Glitch Mob, KOAN Sound, Pretty Lights, GRiZ, Opiuo, TheFatRat, Mr. Bill, Skope, and Shurk.

Radio Cicletta

Pisa, PI, Italia

Free, non commercial, no profit internet radio from Italy. Radiocicletta (also RadioCicletta, or radioCicletta, or Radio Cicletta) is the name we have chosen for a grueling hour of brainstorming to baptize our project. The idea is simple: we want to create a radio. Read more…

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