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Our Inspiration? Online Bollywood Bhangra Songs!

Desinetworks has been operational since 17/12/2013. At present moment, we do not have a radio station in Singapore, which plays Punjabi or Bhangra songs. We acknowledge Radio masti which operates from 5pm to 8pm daily, however the station plays mostly hindi songs and is not functional 24/7. Desinetworks aims to fill in this gap by providing Desi music radio 24/7 mainly Punjabi/Bhangra/Hindi to all Punjabis and Hidustanis in Singapore.

We Hope Online Bollywood Bhangra Songs Will Revolutionize Singapore Radio!

This is the exact moment to change the Bollywood/Bhangra radio industry, with all the newest online Bollywood Bhangra songs being released now. Desinetworks is ready to take on that challenge as the first station to open the minds of our listeners with great production, hot music and a new strong urban format that will revolutionize the way people listen to the radio.

Desinetworks is a non profitable organization at present moment and we currently running this Singapore radio station due to our interest in music and love for Punjabi and online Bollywood Bhangra songs. This station aim to give an avenue for our Punjabi youth to appreciate our traditional music. Currently, we have been working closely with some of our friends to promote this station using word of mouth and social media. In this short time, Desinetworks is doing considerably well and we have huge listeners base be it locally or internationally.

This point of time, we have no Djs and the music is automatically played by a computerized system which has been preset by the radio manager. All our energy and effort are channeled to promoting the radio station at this present moment. Desinetworks aims to target individuals from Singapore, it’s neighbourhood countries, and western countries to find the best of Bollywood Bhangra songs. Desinetworks is estimated to reach over millions of people all around the world within the next few years with 24/7 Desi online radio!


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