Cruise Funky Music – the home of Black Music: soul, dance, house, old school, groove, reggae, hip hop, electro, funk, r&b, dancehall, jazz, boogie, garage. First established as a broadcaster across North London, England in 1984 on the frequency of 104.50 FM stereo with the youngest DJ lineup ever known, always specialising in publicising young blood and nothing has changed in this reworking of the station – now with contributors from Australia to Argentina and available to jog to on your smartphone or listen to on your SmartTV – yep CruiseFM its happening all over again!

The station is happy to hear from potential contributors who would like a platform to expand their reach from – although the station no longer has our own underground / pirate FM broadcast stream we are utilising the FM broadcast transmitters from our extended partner broadcasters in English speaking territories globally via our unique syndication system. Direct message us to discuss your plans.

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