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Classic Rock – like you’ve never heard it before! Tune in to hear hits, near hits, and lots and lots of deep, rarely heard album tracks from the 60s, 70s & 80s. You’ll also hear tracks from new albums released by Classic Rock artists. Choice Classic Rock – a free online Radio Station – featuring lots and lots of Music from the Classic Rock decades – programmed by someone who loves the music. It is free – with no catch of any kind – just great music!

In this era where there is a such huge selection of entertainment to choose from, I want to invite you to listen to The Choice. I have been programming Choice Classic Rock for a few years now, and the playlist has over 7000 tracks. This ensures that you will hear a very diverse mixture of music from the Classic Rock decades. Expect a lot of music you know – and some you may never have heard of. You will hear hits, near hits, and lots and lots of deep tracks originally released in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. You will also hear new tracks from new albums released by Classic Rock artists.

My goal is to bring back good memories to those of you who lived through the Classic Rock decades. I also want to expose this fantastic music to those of you who weren’t there, but are looking for something different from the music played on the radio today. So, I invite you to listen to Choice Classic Rock, and enjoy great music from the Classic Rock era!

Choice Classic Rock

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