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Welcome to this section of our web site which is dedicated to internet radio news, reviews, interviews and commentary. The topics we will cover here will include internet radio of course but also audio formats and technology, streaming services, the music industry and new media platforms such as those offered by Apple and Google. From humble beginnings of pure technology spawned in the early days of the internet. This field has now grown into a varied and competitive landscape of technology giants, businesses and broadcasters big and small. A place where innovation moves at breakneck speed and the sums invested grow larger every day. Welcome to the era of internet radio and new media streaming services!

Apple rumored to be working on a new high resolution music format

Japanese blog Macotakra is making noises such that Apple may well be working on a new high resolution music format which it plans to release in the none too distant future. The blog post in question refers to “several insiders familiar with Apple saying the company has been developing high… Read more »

Apple puts an end to free music service iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio announced this week that’s it’s advertising revenue supported internet radio service would no longer be available as of the end of January 2016. The service was originally launched in 2013 and was available initially only in Australia and the United States. According to reports the news was announced… Read more »

Digitally Imported nukes free service from high orbit

In similar news to the recent announcement of redundancies and a possible complete shutdown of Reports are coming in from users that Digitally Imported have announced the closure of their free service which makes their music available to listeners for no cost at a lower bit rate than paying… Read more »

Internet radio stalward Live365 makes redundancies and plans for shut down

In December 2015 broadcasting service provider Live365 sent the following letter to it’s subscribers announcing that it was making redundancies and likely to close it doors in the new year. —- Dear Live365 Listener, For 17 years, Live365 has offered small webcasters the opportunity to stream music and talk programming,… Read more »

Things to know about the Copyright Royalty Board’s ruling of December 2015

Things to know about the December 2015 ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) on a new pricing structure for content licensing in the United States include. 1. Fee under the new structure will be collected by the SoundExchange. Royalty fees are distributed by the SoundExchange as follows. a. The… Read more »

Has the Unites States Copyright Royalty Board killed internet radio?

In very sad news for internet radio broadcasters everywhere December 2015 saw the Copyright Royalty Board, a body of the United States government which deliberates on licensing fees for internet radio stations, approve very significant increases in and a steepening of their fee structures. This new ruling has been seen… Read more »

Hello World!

Welcome to this our new directory of internet radio stations. This web site may be new but it’s been in development for some time now so hopefully you’ll find it useful enough. We’re hoping to avoid having too many teething problems but if you notice anything then by all means… Read more »

Important Changes to Genre Listings on SHOUTcast

The following change notification message was posted on the SHOUTcast forum at today. Clearly quite a big change is being implemented here. One which appears to be driven by the need to make using the directory easier for end users. Dear SHOUTcast Broadcasters,   In an effort to better… Read more »