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Welcome to this section of our web site which is dedicated to internet radio news, reviews, interviews and commentary. The topics we will cover here will include internet radio of course but also audio formats and technology, streaming services, the music industry and new media platforms such as those offered by Apple and Google. From humble beginnings of pure technology spawned in the early days of the internet. This field has now grown into a varied and competitive landscape of technology giants, businesses and broadcasters big and small. A place where innovation moves at breakneck speed and the sums invested grow larger every day. Welcome to the era of internet radio and new media streaming services!

An Interview with the Owner of StillStream Radio

– Website address: – Facebook address: – Launch date: March 2006 Questions  – Please tell us about you are and what your radio station is about? We are a non-commercial ambient radio station, on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to our… Read more »

Digitally Imported’s audience and subscriber base are growing fast

Digitally Imported, one of the original paid radio streaming services, has published audience and subscriber figures for the last year showing significant growth in both areas. greater direct user engagement has led to a 95% increase in first-time monthly premium subscribers and a 60% increase in first-time annual premium subscribers… Read more »

Radionomy launch radio apps and new partnerships

Seemingly keen to capitalise on the recent demise of rival market leading radio hosting platform Live365 and other rival Rdio. Radionomy have just launched a pair internet radio apps for iOS and Android. Distribution aggreements with streaming device Roku and Samsung were also made public. Radionomy hosted stations will also… Read more »

Beatport is up for sale

Reports have it that well known music sales platform Beatport is being put up for auction as owning company SFX works through bankrupsy proceedings. SFX, a United States based events promotion company which has diversified Beatport into audio streaming as well as music sales, has already received quite a number… Read more »

Centova Cast version 3.2.4 has been released

A little more than a week ago now Centova Technologies released an update to their ubiquitous streaming software stack Centova Cast. Most notably this release includes an ID3 editor and the ability to export custom track reports to CSV format along with the usual improvements and fixes. The full detail… Read more »

Radionomy is being sued for piracy and facilitating copyright infringement

Online radio hosting platform Radionomy is being sued in the United States for copyright infringement and facilitating the piracy of it’s services’ users. Radionomy the well known online internet radio hosting platform also owns Winamp and Shoutcast which it acquired not long ago from AOL in 2014 in a suprise… Read more »

TuneCore earns 142 Million dollars for it’s artists in 2015

TuneCore have released details of their performance for 2015 along with an infographic available below showing a 7% increase in revenue and earnings of 142 million dollars. Last year TuneCore also saw a 370% rise in royalty fees earned from YouTube which obviously also meant better revenues for any of… Read more »

SoundCloud release Pulse app for music creators

Soundcloud recently released a mobile application aimed at content creators and curators specifically. The application which was only available for Google Android at launch will come to Apple’s iOS too soon. The following quote was made available on their blog on the day. Today, we’re excited to share some big… Read more »

EDM streaming growing fast

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) association published survey data at the end of last year showing the popularity of music streaming over the internet as classified by genre. The data showed that electronic dance music or EDM was growing the fastest of all streamed genres. In a piece entitled “Dance… Read more »

Grooveshark resurrected by Peruvian clone

Although it’s legal status was never fully determined by the courts. Immediately after Grooveshark officially closed it’s doors in early 2015 in a settlement with the music industry after a string of court cases claimed it hadn’t secured the proper licenses for the music it was distributing. Several clones quickly… Read more »

About the history of internet radio

About the history of internet radio If you were to set about researching the history of internet radio and began by asking Wikipedia. You would learn the world’s first internet radio station was launched by Carl Malmud way back in 1993. That his station was called Internet Talk Radio and… Read more »

Live365 is no more!

Following on from recent events 17 year old internet radio hosting service Live365 shut it’s doors for good a couple of days ago with the following message posted on it’s front page. Seventeen sweet years ago, it was something of a revolution to let anyone launch their own station. Anyone… Read more »

Austrian DJ goes mad live on air and plays Wham! non-stop

Reports have it that an Austrian radio DJ went a little over the top, and somewhat off the deep end, last December in what can only be seen as a deranged bid to get his station’s listeners into the holiday spirit by barricading themselves in and playing Wham!’s Last Christmas… Read more »

Hallo Nederland! Beatport launch a localized version of their electronic music portal for the Dutch market

According to a post on their blog electronic music store Beatport will be adding a version of their web site specifically tailored to the Dutch market with aditional content and news. The change is scheduled to happen in stages with the streaming section being “ported” over first, followed by news and… Read more »

Centova Cast a year in review

Centova Cast is well known as the prevalent control panel for internet radio broadcasters, re-sellers and service providers. The software is well written, robust and reasonably bug free. It has support for Icecast and Shoutcast streaming servers, as a well a number of different software sources including Liquidsoap, Ices-cc, sc_trans,… Read more »

The copyright royalty board have killed our business say Live365

Reports doing the rounds today confirm that Live365 have now sent all their service subscribers an email announcing the closure of their service at the end of the month making their earlier warnings official. The CRB ruling handed down in December, 2015 did NOT renew or address the expiration of… Read more »

Listeners want control, sound quality and in-car functionality

A newly published study by Music Watch into what streaming audio consumers want in 2016 has listed control, sound quality and in-car functionality as their respondents top priorities coming in at 39%, 11% and 11% respectively. The survey in question was specifically aimed at current users of free streaming audio… Read more »

Apple CarPlay: More than 100 models to choose from

Apple has made a complete list available of 100 cars which now come with their in-car phone use service pre-installed. CarPlay allows access to a wide array of third party applications many of which center around music and radio of course including iHeartRadio, Spotify and Pandora which the driver controls… Read more »

Pandora and SoundCloud raise new funds in 2016

Pandora’s music streaming service looked set for change at the start of 2016 as it aims to raise cash and make a bid for struggling rival Rdio for 75 million dollars. With claimed assets of 180 million dollars in the bank, Pandora is hoping to raise another 300 million thanks… Read more »

Huge growth in streaming media consumption recorded in 2015

Figures published earlier this month by Nielsen Music and commented on by music industry pundits Billboard show the volume of streamed media being accessed in the United States doubled in 2015. With the total number of individual songs streamed increasing from 164.5 billion the year before to 317.2 billion last… Read more »