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Welcome to this section of our web site which is dedicated to internet radio news, reviews, interviews and commentary. The topics we will cover here will include internet radio of course but also audio formats and technology, streaming services, the music industry and new media platforms such as those offered by Apple and Google. From humble beginnings of pure technology spawned in the early days of the internet. This field has now grown into a varied and competitive landscape of technology giants, businesses and broadcasters big and small. A place where innovation moves at breakneck speed and the sums invested grow larger every day. Welcome to the era of internet radio and new media streaming services!

Radionomy have released an update to their internet radio streaming software.  This new version comes 4 months after the release of SHOUTcast DNAS version 2.5.1 (Build 723) and is made up of a small number of bug fixes and slight changes. This new version is available for download here:… Read more »

Centova Technologies released the latest monthly update to their internet radio streaming software stack Centova Cast not long ago. This release includes security fixes for PHP, OpenSSL, zlib, and libpng, an update to the latest available release of Pure-FTPd and feature enhancements over any substantially new functionality. Centova Cast version 3.2.9… Read more »

ShoutCast recently started offering a free HTML5 radio player to broadcasters in an effort to make it even easier for them to make their streams accessible to listeners using web browers. The offer is available to so called Revenue Partners and all other broadcasters. The announcement goes as follows… Free… Read more »

Last December Centova Technologies released the latest update to their ubiquitous internet radio streaming software stack Centova Cast. This release includes as yet unspecified security updates for PHP and OpenSSL, an update of the ‘Let’s Encrypt’ client and Liquid Soap installer URLs, as well as some lesser bug fixes. However… Read more »

Radionomy have released an update to their internet radio streaming software package ShoutCast.  This new version comes 1 1/2 years after version 2.4.7 (Build 256) was made available on 31st March 2015 and seems to focus on the monetization of stations using the D.N.A.S+. Notable elements of this release include… Read more »

A message has appeared on Radionomy’s Shoutcast directory of internet radio stations warning that broadcasters should upgrade to the latest version of their software as soon as possible or face de-listing oblivion. Historically broadcasters have been reluctant to upgrade from the company’s D.N.A.S release family 1.x to 2.x for a… Read more »

Something close to a month after the release of version 3.2.6 which was not initially officially announced. Centova Technologies have now released a further update to their ubiquitous internet radio streaming software stack Centova Cast. The full detail of this release are below, however this release appears to have predominantly… Read more »

Centova Technologies have released an update to their ubiquitous streaming software stack Centova Cast. This version was previously unannounced because it featured “no major changes” which an informal post on the company’s forum explained as follows. “There were no “major changes” to notify you of. In fact (as noted by… Read more »

Following the closure of 17 year old internet radio hosting service Live365 after the United States Copyright Royalty Boards (CRB) imposed a change in fee structure away from annual percentage revenues and a significant rates hike of internet music streaming royalties in December 2015. A devastating blow which signaled the… Read more »

Centova Technologies have released an update to their ubiquitous streaming software stack Centova Cast. The full detail of this release go as follows. Centova Cast v3.2.5 is now available. This release fixes one security issue and includes several improvements and bug fixes. The following is a complete list of changes… Read more »

Internet music store stalwards Beatport have announced the closure of their streaming service in a recent blog post entitled: An Update on Beatport Services. Today, we have an important update regarding the Beatport platform and the services we offer. When Beatport was acquired three years ago, part of the vision… Read more »

LG’s Stylus 2, recently launched in Australia and the UK, is the worlds first mobile device with support for the Digital Audio Broadcasting plus (DAB+) standard. The device launched at a recommended retail price of almost 500 dollars in it’s Australian market and 219.99 pounds in the UK which subsequent… Read more »

Optus Telecom, Australia’s second largest mobile service provider, have announced the availability of a new service to their customers including un-metered streaming of the following music services: iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, Guvera, Spotify and Pandora. Also available to it’s customers will be discounted music products at participating stores and concert… Read more »

Having only just recently hit the 80 million user mark in January of this year. iHeartRadio, the now eponious internet radio streaming service, have announced having registered 5 million more since then in a somewhat jubilant press release entitled: “iHeartRadio Breaks Another Record: 85 Million Registered Users!” Coming at you… Read more »

– Website address: – Facebook address: – Launch date: March 2006 Questions  – Please tell us about you are and what your radio station is about? We are a non-commercial ambient radio station, on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to our… Read more »

Digitally Imported, one of the original paid radio streaming services, has published audience and subscriber figures for the last year showing significant growth in both areas. greater direct user engagement has led to a 95% increase in first-time monthly premium subscribers and a 60% increase in first-time annual premium subscribers… Read more »

Seemingly keen to capitalise on the recent demise of rival market leading radio hosting platform Live365 and other rival Rdio. Radionomy have just launched a pair internet radio apps for iOS and Android. Distribution aggreements with streaming device Roku and Samsung were also made public. Radionomy hosted stations will also… Read more »

Reports have it that well known music sales platform Beatport is being put up for auction as owning company SFX works through bankrupsy proceedings. SFX, a United States based events promotion company which has diversified Beatport into audio streaming as well as music sales, has already received quite a number… Read more »

A little more than a week ago now Centova Technologies released an update to their ubiquitous streaming software stack Centova Cast. Most notably this release includes an ID3 editor and the ability to export custom track reports to CSV format along with the usual improvements and fixes. The full detail… Read more »

Online radio hosting platform Radionomy is being sued in the United States for copyright infringement and facilitating the piracy of it’s services’ users. Radionomy the well known online internet radio hosting platform also owns Winamp and Shoutcast which it acquired not long ago from AOL in 2014 in a suprise… Read more »